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  • Business Information

  • File must be a jpg, png, ai, eps or psd file type. File size must be less than 10MB.
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, ai, eps, psd.
  • Email Setup

    The following section is all about setting up your default email sending details.
  • Please indicate if you'd like your emails to come from a person or company. (We recommend including a personal name along with the company name because it leads to higher open rates.)
  • We recommend an actual person's email address. If that's not your preference, try something like hello@ or info@.
  • Please upload one or more .csv files containing your existing email database(s). If you have multiple files, please compress and upload your zip file.
    Accepted file types: csv, zip, txt.
  • If you have your list(s) on Dropbox, please send us a public link to the folder or file.
  • In Infusionsoft, we use tags to segment your list based on how they got onto the list. Please provide any number of tags that you would like your list to have applied. If you have multiple lists with unique tags, just let us know. Once we receive your lists, you'll get a chance to review and approve before we import them.
  • Social Accounts

    Please provide links to your social media accounts if you would like them included as icon links at the bottom of your marketing emails.