Anna McKenzieA powerhouse in persuasion and promotional mediums, Anna McKenzie comes to us from the Internet marketing world… as well as the behavioral healthcare industry.

Anna is a copywriter, editor, and content strategist with years of marketing experience in the behavioral healthcare industry and for New York Times bestselling author Michael Hyatt. She has written for LifeWay and Worthy Publishing and is also a children’s book author. Anna brings heart and creativity into everything that she does, from connecting deeply with audiences to crafting dynamic campaigns and driving sales.

Here’s a little more about Anna:

What were you doing before you landed this gig?

I got started in behavioral healthcare at a nationwide treatment organization called Foundations Recovery Network. I worked in marketing as the executive editor, and my team and I published all kinds of web and print content — anything you can think of, from workbooks to flyers, race posters, ads, web articles, and even a children’s book. After that, I became a copywriter for bestselling author and leadership guru Michael Hyatt, where I specialized in email marketing and strategic messaging for the better part of two years. After a short stint at an agency-turned-media-company in the retail industry, I came home to Internet marketing at Full Cycle.

Essential Tools: 

Evernote – The best place to put every thought in my brain (digitally).
Slack – Like AOL instant messenger for work… with a few more innovations.
Moleskine notebooks – The best place to put every thought in my brain (on paper).
Feedly – Where I read everything important on my tiny mobile screen.
Spotify – Who’s living their lives without music? (Especially musicals?) Not me.

Top Projects You’ve Worked on:

  • Commissioning, proofing and publishing over 40,000 articles online across 138 websites with my editorial team at Foundations Recovery Network.
  • Publishing the children’s book Pirates Have Feelings, Too! , designed for children whose parents have addiction and mental health issues.
  • Writing some killer email campaigns for Team Michael Hyatt (for both digital and physical products).

Objects and Places that Inspire you:

  • Yosemite National Park, where I would like to build a house near the second waterfall (but I doubt they’ll let me…).
  • The tea planation in Charleston, SC, where they make the freshest tea in the U.S.
  • St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy, which is like walking into a novel.
  • Other than that… the Olympics, the ocean, historical dramas, street art, typewriters, art museums, and all bookstores.