Brandon TriolaHaving his artwork published in magazines and newspapers as young as 13, Brandon grew up with a hunger for art and design. He has helped some of the most influential online brands reach and impact their audiences in the most visually effective ways possible. Brandon’s skills range from eBooks and digital publishing, to web-design, branding identities, book covers, and all things print related. We’re so excited to welcome Brandon to the Full Cycle Marketing staff as our in-house creative director.

Here’s a little more about Brandon.

You’re new on the Full Cycle Marketing team. What’s your upcoming role look like?

My day to day will look like not only creating and working on actual design projects, but also overseeing everything visual that we do from a design standpoint, including:
  • eBooks & Digital Publishing
  • Web Design
  • Logos & Brand Identities
  • Book Cover artwork
  • Print Collateral
  • Art direction
  • Branding & Design Consulting

Essential Tools:

I can’t live without:

  1. My MacBook Pro
  2. Adobe Creative Suite
  3. My Wacom Tablet
  4. My Sketchbook
  5. Slack

Top projects you’ve worked on:

I’ve had the privilege to work on some amazing projects, but probably my favorite have been the book cover designs I have gotten to be involved with for several New York Times bestselling authors.

Something you’re working on now that you’re excited about:

Right now I am wrapping up a project where I was asked to design and illustrate a massive garage floor graphic for one of Nashvilles top record label CEOs. It’s a huge, 2500 sq foot, highly detailed illustration that we’re getting ready to print through a third party company. It’s going to be installed and sealed on this record label exec’s private garage floor where he will showcase several high-end racing cars.

Objects & places that inspire you:

On Saturdays I like to visit antique shops around town. I walk up and down the aisles admiring the old letters and the vintage furniture. I could spend hours in antique shops because they are filled with examples of things that were created with limited resources, during generations unlike ours that are oversaturated with screens and technology. There’s something beautiful about old match boxes and coffee cans.

I’ve also always been inspired by Nashville. Living in a city surrounded by creatives has had a massive impact on my own aesthetic. Im always inspired by the things people are doing and building here in our home town.

Last Kickstarter project you funded:

Jeremy Cowart’s Purpose Hotel!

Something you’re looking forward to about working for FCM:

Great design is nothing without great marketing. Therefore I am excited to be working alongside this amazing team of marketing experts so we can deliver above and beyond what our clients need to take their brands to the next level visually.

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