chandler customer acquisition certificationAs a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist, an Accredited Bing Professional and Google Partner specializing in the search, mobile, and display networks, Chandler’s expertise is in delivering qualified leads to FCM’s clients through social media, AdWords and other online spaces.

He also helps our clients automate processes and get more attention for their products, events, and organizations.

In his professional career, he has already delivered over $10M in qualified leads–and counting!

After graduating college in Oklahoma, Chandler made his way to Fort Collins, Colorado, where he currently lives with his wife, Kristine.

When not leading the charge on successful lead-generation campaigns, he likes to mountain bike and compete in long-distance running marathons anytime he is presented with a race.

He is currently on track to run at least one half marathon every month in 2018 and a couple full marathons spread in there, too.

Here’s a little more about Chandler:

Essential Tools: 

Facebook Power Editor
Google AdWords
Liquid Planner

What stands out to you about working for FCM:

The dedication to creating something that expands what the client thinks is possible and delivers results that were above what was expected.

Last Kickstarter project you funded:

A personal recording project for a friend called Sewing Kit. Mellow music with good vibes, what isn’t to like?

Top projects you’ve worked on:

Introducing what marketing automation can do for clients that didn’t know what was possible. It is always thrilling introducing new and better ways to accomplish marketing objectives!