danny deffenbaughdanny customer value certificationDanny Deffenbaugh joins our team after working with some of the most successful brands around.

He’s connected the masses to music and launched new projects for the nation’s most recognizable name in financial planning.

As a Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist with nearly four years of inbound marketing experience including email design, automation and landing pages, Danny knows how to leverage technology to turn clients’ ideas into action.

Here’s a little more about Danny:

What Were You Doing Before You Landed This Gig?

Before coming to Full Cycle Marketing, I worked as a marketer for Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing (Universal Music) and Ramsey Solutions (a Dave Ramsey company).

Essential Tools:


Top projects you’ve worked on:

At Brentwood-Benson, I loved connecting songs with new audiences. Most recently at Ramsey Solutions, I helped launch several new products and sold out one team’s live event multiple times.

Last Kickstarter project you funded:

The last project I backed on Kickstarter was a card game called ‘Control.’ I love card and board games, especially ones that don’t take forever to play, and I really loved the aesthetic.

What stands out to you about working for FCM:

So far, everyone has been incredibly kind!