Project Description

Project Brief

Adventures in Missions partnered with Full Cycle Marketing in the spring of 2017 with the goal of increasing the number of applications started for the World Race, a missions trip to 11 countries in 11 months for millennials.

Adventures had done very little in the way of inbound marketing for the Race since it launched in 2006. Organic and word-of-mouth traffic kept the program growing. However, forecasts predicted a dip in applications that would affect the health of the organization.

Full Cycle Marketing outlined the strategy for a sales funnel including lead magnets, webinars and paid advertising to promote the World Race.


August 2017


Adventures in Missions


Product Launch


Full Cycle Marketing outlined the strategy for a sales funnel including a lead magnet of a webinar to promote World Race applications. The FCM team wrote the script and coached the internal team at Adventures on how to deliver the webinar — a first for the organization. We wrote copy and built the sales funnel to promote and follow-up with sales messaging. We attracted leads to register the webinar through Facebook advertising as well as inviting their existing email lists.

Marketing Strategy
Funnel Development

Technologies Employed

  • Infusionsoft

  • GoToWebinar

  • PlusThis

  • ClickFunnels

  • Facebook Ads


Challenges to pull off this were high. The internal team at Adventures had never executed some of the marketing techniques used, including webinars. Not only that the promotion itself is not a typical “product”: the cost to go on the Race is more than $17,000 a person (which must be fundraised), and the time commitment is nearly a year.

Yet, the strategy was a success and has already begun paying off. As of August 2017, we saw significant increases in year over year activity compared to August 2016, including:

  • 141% increase in apps started
  • 150% increase in apps completed
  • 1600% increase in apps accepted
  • 700% increase in commits

These are huge, significant improvements we’ve seen in a very short period of time, and it’s just the first product launch window affected. We look forward to helping grow and sustain the success of this program long-term.

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