full cycle marketing presents methodical buyer typesThere are four basic types of consumers, and knowing how to market to each of them can lead to incredible results. In this series (click here to read the overview), we’ll take a deep dive into each type. We started with methodical and today, we explore the humanistic buyer type.

Shopping isn’t a sport, but if it was, we know which buyer type would most want the trophy.

Of the 4 Buyer Types, COMPETITIVE buyers make up the smallest segment with just 5% to 10% of the population, and they’re quite possibly the trickiest to land.

While methodical buyers are all about research, spontaneous buyers enjoy the fun of getting what they want, and humanistic shoppers want to find a connection, competitive buyers are entirely about results.

They only want the best, and they want it now.

“Competitive buyers want to be better people, so you’d better promise self-improvement,” said Chowning.

They rely on speed, logic, achievement and efficiency in their purchase experience, and they buy to increase their power, productivity or ability.

Competitive buyers are also more intuitive than the other buyer types, and they’re hyper-aware of gimmicks or stats that are fabricated or skewed.

“Fuzzy and emotional feel-good messages don’t work,” FCM President Kyle Chowning said. “Competitive buyers need you to promise and deliver results.”

Although it might sound challenging to grab the attention of a competitive buyer, there are things you can do to appeal to them.

1. Make Everything Sonic Fast.

Speed drives these buyers, so everything about your site must be fast. And we aren’t just talking about download speeds. The pitch must be short and to the point. Checkout must be fluid. These people are trying to save time and get things done, so they’re looking for shortcuts.

2. Provide Substantial Proof.

Don’t just say that your product or service will give competitive buyers what they need. Prove it. Give reasonable probabilities and avoid unsubstantiated claims. Stress the advantages you offer, explain how it will benefit them, and show them why it’ll happen.

3. Set a Real Deadline.

Competitive buyers don’t need much time to make their decisions, but they do need a reason to buy NOW. Give them a deadline for an enticing deal, and they’ll feel compelled to act.

4. Appeal to the Inner Competitor.

Competitive buyers usually do their research, so they’re probably already interested in your product or service by the time they get to your site. However, you can close the deal by making them think they might miss out on what they want. Stress that supplies are limited and a competitive buyer will respond. After all, they don’t want somebody else to get what they want.

The study of the 4 Buyer Types isn’t an exact science. Naturally, some shoppers will fall into more than one category, often depending on the kind of purchase they’re making. But the system does provide plenty of direction for appealing to different consumer mentalities.

At Full Cycle Marketing, we account for each of the 4 Buyer Types, and we build that knowledge into our campaigns with great success. If you’d like to find out how we can apply it to your business, we’d love to talk it over. Contact us and schedule a consultation.

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