kyle chowningKyle is our fearless leader. As the founder and president of Full Cycle Marketing, he continues his career path of coming alongside visionaries and dreamers to help them launch, build and sustain their ideas and businesses.

Kyle has worked in the digital marketing industry for nearly 20 years. His leadership role centralizes his team around achieving the goals of our clients. He’s driven by data and success, which means our clients experience greater success as well.

He’s launched and built five businesses and currently owns two: Full Cycle Marketing and ROOTS Academy. He’s participated in the launch of a number of brands including RELEVANT magazine, Help-Portrait and Halogen TV.

He’s a certified Infusionsoft partner, has lead StoryBrand Marketing Workshops with Don Miller and is currently immersed in Ask Method certification, which he believes will revolutionize our approach to marketing.

He’s a husband and dad of three kids and lives in picturesque Franklin, Tennessee, but he never lets you forget about his roots in Central Oregon. He’s active in the local arts and faith community. His current hobby is cooking or smoking anything he can think of on his Big Green Egg.

Here’s a little more about Kyle:

What attracts you to marketing?

I’m a marketing enthusiast: I sign up for new social media platforms early. I say yes to early adopter technologies so that I can see how it’s used. I’m an avid fan of new ideas, concepts and innovations. I believe that data is the primary driver of marketing, and if data is absent then, it’s a good theory will suffice. I love working with people who want to try new things and aren’t afraid of failing, and if we fail, then I’m a bigger fan of understanding why. I like launching new ideas and fighting for those who aren’t in a place to fight for themselves.

What motivates you as a leader?

I love studying the culture in which we live and work. Of particular interest are cultures where a mix of people are required to work together; this is where complexity is at its finest. If done well, it can be complementary like fine wine, if not, you can create a toxic culture that can kill everything, including the very reason the group came together. It’s fascinating.