Happy March from the team at Full Cycle Marketing!
By way of context, this post is for our Infusionsoft clients. Like it or love it, Infusionsoft helps a lot of our clients build significant businesses. Because this is such a vital tool to so many of you, we thought we’d create this update to help you stay on top of the things you need to know about updates and changes to the app, as well as other tips, tricks and insights from the lifecycle marketing world.

Removing the “Sent by Infusionsoft” Label

At the beginning of 2017, Infusionsoft finally allowed us to remove the “Sent by Infusionsoft” label that showed up Gmail and other email client apps. The way that’s been fixed is through their new DKIM settings. You can learn more about it here—warning: it’s chock-full of technical speak. The biggest benefit of adding this setting is that you’ll increase your email deliverability rates. There are other benefits too, but mainly it’s deliverability.  We strongly recommend that all of our clients set this up and we’re happy to do this for you if you don’t want to bother—just let us know.

Unpublishing Campaigns

We are particularly excited about this update: coming in the March Infusionsoft update is the ability to unpublish a campaign. This functionality will allow you to remove all contacts from the campaign and disable all automation. Furthermore, if there is a live web form in the campaign, you’ll be presented an option to customize the error message displayed when the forms are filled out. The March update happened on Monday of this week, so this setting is live.

Increasing Email Deliverability

One of the questions we get most often is about Infusionsoft’s email deliverability rates. If you are wondering how deliverability is impacting your emails, we recommend that you start doing some testing. Our favorite application for doing this is GlockApps.com. Others include Litmus and Mail-tester.com. The benefit of testing is that you’ll get to see how each of the major email clients (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc) handle your emails, if they’ll land in the promotions tab, spam ratings, IP ratings, etc. We know, it’s technical, but it’s important and comes with a strong recommendation from our team. By the way, as a perk to our implementation clients, we’ve got you covered. As of February 2017, we’ve added email testing as part of our implementation process.

Expired Credit Cards

If you use Infusionsoft to process recurring credit card transactions, aka: subscriptions or payment plans, heads up. Once a credit card has expired, Infusionsoft ignores all upcoming billing attempts. Unless you have your billing automation setup properly, these customers will slip off your radar and their revenue will be lost. The best practice is to setup an expired credit card process in billing automation and trigger a notification to your customer service people to follow up with the contact if they don’t update their credit card before it expires. We’re working on a brand new package called the “Total Billing Automation Solution.” If you’re interested, let us know. We’re happy to help you.

App of the Month: GoSpiffy (custom Infusionsoft order forms)*

Did you know that Infusionsoft order forms are still not mobile friendly? Even worse, they’re ugly and very difficult to customize. No longer. Thanks to the team at gospiffy.com, they’ve created a third party app that allows you to create beautiful, mobile responsive Infusionsoft order forms. Through their simple drag and drop interface, you can add copy, images, testimonials, videos, customize the layout, colors and a whole lot more. GoSpiffy is our go-to app when it comes to creating beautiful order forms inside of Infusionsoft and we highly recommend it.
That’s it folks. We hope you found this helpful and insightful. If you have any questions or would like us to explore different areas of the app in future issues, please reply back and let us know.
Until next time,
Kyle & the FCM team
* We are an affiliate for GoSpiffy and receive a small commission from signups, but the price is the same for you. Be assured, GoSpiffy is an app that we use almost daily and would recommend without an affiliate link.