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Project Brief

Ruth Soukup’s Elite Blog Academy® is an online course with over 7,000 members that teaches bloggers to refine their message, grow their audience, monetize their platform, and build their business.

In 2017, we helped Ruth launch her third iteration of the course, which, at the time, was its biggest and best launch yet.


March 2018


Ruth Soukup


Membership Site “Launch


The Full Cycle Marketing Team provided and implemented strategy for the launch, as well as configured and implemented all software necessary for launch marketing and product delivery.

FCM offered strategy on major elements of the campaign, including:

FCM also developed content for the launch and created the tech infrastructure that allowed launch marketing and product delivery to succeed, including:

  • 22 sales funnel emails
  • Copy, design, and integrations for all sales funnel pages
  • Integrations of all software necessary for launch and product delivery, including Infusionsoft, ClickFunnels, Memberium, PlusThis, and Leadpages
Marketing Strategy & Messaging
Lead Generation
Affiliate Partnerships
Customer Support

Technologies Employed

  • Infusionsoft

  • Memberium

  • PlusThis

  • LeadPages


We helped generate $2,218,205 in revenue (surpassing our revenue goal by $200,000 and DOUBLING the revenue from 2017) and add 2,353 new students to EBA.

We generated 121,123 leads for the launch with a 1.9% conversion rate (higher than the estimated 1.5%), and our sales funnel emails sported open rates up to 30% and click-through rates up to 3.6%, which is higher than industry averages.

Additionally, we re-negotiated our affiliate partnership with Bluehost web hosting and increased the client’s affiliate commission generated in the pre-launch campaign by 1471%, based on the 2017 promotions.

Click here to read more in-depth about this launch and the results.

“…the positive influence on this launch of FCM was felt in every step. It was hugely helpful to have the support of FCM…”
Amanda Smith, Elite Blog Academy Manager

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